Kettle Corn Recipe

kettle corn recipe

Kettle Corn Recipe

Heat the vegetable oil in a large pot over medium heat. Once hot, stir in the sugar and popcorn. Cover, and shake the pot constantly to keep the sugar from burning  ...

state fair kettle corn recipe

State Fair Kettle Corn Recipe

This will be an instant family hit; a bowl of the pop corn is so good it won't last a whole movie.

kettle corn review by gellg

Kettle Corn - Review by GELLG

I tried Kettle Corn for the first time at a festival a couple of weeks ago--had never even heard of it. I am not usually a big fan of sweet/salty combos, but this ...

kettle corn review by cheryl brooks

Kettle Corn - Review by Cheryl Brooks

This kettle corn is great! I'm so happy that now I don't have to wait until the fair to have kettle corn, and I can have it without spending $8.00 for a bag! I didn't ...

kettle corn review by deborah chow

Kettle Corn - Review by Deborah Chow

I was skeptical about getting real kettle corn taste out of something I made at home, but it worked! I had to scale down the recipe so that there'd be just enough  ...

kettle corn review by lena

Kettle Corn - Review by Lena

I had not tried making kettle corn before. When your cooking the popcorn on med. and you add the sugar in at the same time the results are burnt sugar popcorn.

kettle corn review by sue202

Kettle Corn - Review by SUE202

Kettle Corn. SUE202. 52. 2. 6. October 26, 2000. Heat the oil hot enough to pop the corn - add the sugar and stir. Add the corn and let pop. Remove immediately  ...

kettle corn review by chezjay

Kettle Corn - Review by ChezJay

On my third try I used some corn syrup (Karo) with the sugar and got an un- burned popcorn, but it had very little Kettle corn flavor. I'll keep to making the caramel ...

kettle corn review by im nuts too

Kettle Corn - Review by I'm nuts too

When I was a little girl we visited King Richards Fair & I just loved the popcorn, or, kettle corn that I ate that day but never had it again after that, until now.

kettle corn review by lauren

Kettle Corn - Review by Lauren

Jan 12, 2012 ... Then I found Cat Cora's kettle corn recipe which calls for adding the sugar immediately AFTER the corn is popped, then heating for another 20 ...